December 1, 2015

Transition Motorcycle Training

Transition Motorcycle Training is designed for the transition from an automatic moped or scooter to a geared motorcycle. Ideal for all motorcyclists who have started their lives on 2 wheels with an automatic motorcycle whom are looking to change up to a manual geared motorcycle.
If you completed your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) on an automatic moped or motorcycle, you should of been advised under section 7 to undertake additional training before venturing to use a geared motorcycle.
The training covers using the clutch and clutch control, changing and proper use of the gears, using cones to improve slow speed control and simulation of road situations and junctions. Please note that this training is undertaken off road and does not include additional road riding training.
All participants must hold a vaild CBT and licence


  • 1 Session (3 hours) £150.00

Other bespoke courses are available with prices on request;

  • Group riding
  • Carrying a pillion
  • Motorway Riding
  • One to One


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