December 1, 2015

Module 2 Motorcycle Training

Module 2 Motorcycle Training will teach you the essential skills needed to uses urban roads. We will cover:

  • Negotiating junctions
  • Traffic lights
  • Roundabouts/mini roundabouts
  • Crossroads
  • Overtaking/filtering
  • Dual carriageways

A test centre visit will also be included to show you:

  • Where to park
  • Facilities
  • Module 1 test area
  • Module 2 show me tell me questions

DAS/A2 Road riding

Rural riding covering:

  • negotiating bends
  • Overtaking
  • National speed limit
  • Dual carriageways

The Module 2 test is conducted on public highways. The examiner will give you directions and instructions by radio.
Part of the test will be an independent ride and the examiner will give you a direction to follow i.e. Southampton; you will then continue to follow the signs to Southampton until the examiner starts to give instructions again.


  • 2 Day (Including Test) – £385.00
  • 3 Day (Including Test) – £540.00

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