December 1, 2015

Direct Access Scheme and A2 Training

DAS (Direct Access Scheme)

DAS is training for over 24’s wishing to achieve a full category A Licence.

Your riding experience and whether you have a current CBT (compulsory basic training), will determine the course length that we recommend for you.
Please call the number above to discuss your individual requirements.

A2 training

A2 is a restricted licence for 19 year old +. This permits you to ride a motorcycle without Learner Plates, go on motorways and carry a pillion, but only on a motorcycle up to a maximum of 35Kw.

Both the above courses include all of the Module 1 and Module 2 elements in an intensive course of 3, 4 or 5 days.

The course cost includes:

  • Motorcycle Safety Equipment Hire (if required)
  • Motorcycle of appropriate size for training and test use
  • All practical training costs (See module 1 and module 2 courses)
  • Module 1 and Module 2 test booking fees.

Please note, if a fail is received at the end of your test, additional test and training fees will apply for any further bookings.


  • 3 day (advanced/experienced rider holding a current CBT*) – £674.00
  • 4 day (intermediate rider holding a current CBT*) – £825.00
  • 5 day  (novice rider holding a current CBT*) – £974.00
  • Progressive Licence Upgrade – from £475.00 (2 days) or £674.00 (3 days)

* CBT (if required) @ £100 when booked as part of a course