December 1, 2015

Compulsary Basic Training

Most learner motorcycle and moped riders must pass compulsory basic training (CBT). You then have to pass your full motorcycle test within 2 years or you’ll have to take CBT again.
It can be completed on an automatic scooter or manual motorcycle.

What CBT Involves

Students are required to be on site 30 minuets prior to their booked start time. Finish times are not set as guaranteed, as this is dependent on students capability to show competence in each element in sequence before moving on to the next element.

Before arriving for your CBT you MUST have read and understood the Highway Code.


YOU MUST HAVE YOUR LICENCE NUMBER, NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER AND POSTCODE AND PROVIDE THESE UPON BOOKING YOUR COURSE!! We need to carry out a license check prior to your training.  If this is not provided prior to your training date, you will forfeit your training and a new booking will need to be made at an additional cost.

Compulsory basic training (CBT) has 5 elements:

  • Element A – Introduction and eyesight check
  • Element B – Practical on-site training
  • Element C – Practical on-site riding
  • Element D – Practical on-road training
  • Element E – Practical on-road riding

You’ll move from one element to the next in sequence only when your trainer is happy you have:

  • Learnt the theory for each element in sequence
  • Shown the practical skills to a safe basic level for each element in sequence

All training, except the practical on-road training, will be undertaken at our off road training facility and training environment. Training is provided on a maximum of 2 students to 1 instructor ratio

The CBT certificate (DL196) is issued upon safe and satisfactory completion of the elements listed above. This certificate is valid for 2 years and entitles you to ride a moped/ motorcycle up to 50cc if you are 16 years of age, and a motorcycle up to 125cc if you are 17 years and above. L Plates must be displayed at all times on the front and rear of the vehicle and the carrying of pillions is prohibited.

Generally, the training day is around 6 hours. Completion time however can not be quaranteed precisely.

If you fail to complete and not meet the competence levels in order as you go through each element required to achieve your CBT within your days training, you will need to book for further training at an additional charge of £102.00 (including VAT) as long as you do not need to re do the whole CBT again.


  • 1 Day Training – £150.00 (including VAT) per person
  • 1 Day, 1-2-1 CBT Training £270.00 (including VAT)
  • 2 Day CBT Training (Extensive Riding) – £432.00 (including VAT) per person

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